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Talk About Ty

Hi I'm Shelby Salazar, the founder of the non-profit Talk About Ty. My brother is Tyler 'Ty' Hughes who unknowingly ingested a pill that was given to him by a friend. That pill had a lethal dose of fentanyl. Our family, friends, myself, and Ty knew nothing about fentanyl.

That's why I started this non-profit. I truly believe had my brother known the ratio of him getting a pill laced with fentanyl is 2:3 he would not have taken the risk. I'm here to pour out as many statics, resources, and personal accounts that I hope will be shared.

I do speak publicly at schools and other events. I try to convey the message of Fentanyl awareness & that it can happen to anyone. I hope you enjoy exploring this page! Before you leave gain some knowledge, buy some merch, and if there are any questions just send an email my way.

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