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Why do we Talk About Ty?

          Tyler "Ty" William Hughes was a naturally gifted athlete.  By high school Ty excelled in football, starting every game from his freshman to senior year. He endured a shoulder injury his junior year. Pain management and physical therapy were used to postpone surgery until signing with a college (2015)Ty had the opportunity to play for the University of Central Oklahoma (Division 2) on a full ride scholarship in 2016. Ty started his first college game as a freshman. During that game his shoulder was reinjured. Ty would have his second surgery months later.

Once he started training again in the spring, he made the decision to put his football career behind him. By 2020, Ty was working at Earl's nursery in Harrah, OK and at Mercy fitness center. During the 2.5 years since the last surgery, he began experiencing bone on bone pain. June 2020 Ty was scheduled for his 3rd surgery which would have been a replacement at age 23.

Ty took a Roxy given to him by a friend on May 11, 2020. He ingested a pill that was unknowingly laced with fentanyl. A death certificate declared fentanyl poisoning took his life. He will be #forever22. Had Ty known what Fentanyl is & the statistics of receiving a counterfeit pill there wouldn't be a non-profit.  Help us spread awareness and education so we can prevent less Oklahoman/American families feel the impact of this epidemic. #fentanylawarenes

**Ty could have taken a pill not prescribed to him for many reasons, pain, sleep, depression, or just because he was 22**.   


-In recovery after the first surgery in 2015.  For months he was overprescribed opioids in excess quantities with numerous refills. 

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