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The Fentanyl crisis has been leaving a large mark across the US for the past several years. Within a 3-year period there has been a jump in fentanyl poisoning related deaths. As a nation we had to start asking questions. What can we do to help prevent an active overdose? How can we stop from getting these illicit drugs into the states? How do I prevent my friends and family, even myself from falling victim to fentanyl poisoning? Good news, I can answer the majority of those questions. However, I'm going to focus in on one question out of the three. The question of what can we do to help prevent an active overdose? So far our primary way to reverse an overdose is by administering Narcan. Narcan is a nasal spray that you can purchase at most pharmacies without a prescription. There's a lot to cover when talking about Narcan, what it does to the brain, HOW it reverses the overdose. We will dive deeper into that on another day. For now, let me briefly tell you how you can get some Narcan Nasal spray for free in most states. Get in touch with your states mental health department and utilize their resources. Here in Oklahoma, you can get free Narcan by the state. You go online and complete a form and I believe within a week or so you'll recieve your free Narcan in the mail. There are other resources such as Drug Rehab organizations and some non-profits. Stay up to date with my blogs and I'll make sure to put something together titled, Everything Narcan!

If you are looking for free Narcan and you live in Oklahoma here is the link that will take you to the online form.

Shelby Salazar

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